Core Services

We offer a broad range of design services to address the full spectrum of your design needs. Our in-house staff includes architects, planners, interior designers, code consultants, specification writers, electrical engineering, cost estimators, and construction contract administrators. Professional services available include:

  • Architecture

    Architecture is the cornerstone of our design practice. Since 1913, we have developed a leading architecture practice, known for award-winning design and comprehensive expertise.  From small remodeling projects to 1 million + square foot developments, quality design is our passion.

  • Master Planning

    A well-conceived master plan is not a rigid formula for the future, but a flexible framework that can both inspire and guide development.  From analysis of existing conditions to defining future goals, we thoughtfully develop plans that consider influential factors and provide a vision and road map for the future.

  • Interior Design

    Our ultimate goal is to create interior spaces that meet the client’s functional and aesthetic requirements, while remaining cost effective. We can provide programming / space planning,  finish selection, lighting design, furniture selection and procurement, artwork, signage, and graphic design services.

  • Sustainable Design

    Based on the ever-demanding need for more energy efficient buildings, we integrate sustainable design on all of our projects. From LEED Certification to energy incentives, we are dedicated to finding the right green solutions for each project and client.

  • Cost Estimating

    Our in-house cost estimating team has an outstanding track record of delivering accurate estimates. Estimating is part of our integrated process and happens throughout the design in tandem with design decisions.

  • Construction Contract Administration

    Our construction contract administration team understands that keeping a project on time and on budget throughout the construction process requires good communication, clear procedures, and responsiveness.  Our on-site presence allows us to oversee the project’s progress, and observe that the design intent is followed, delivering you the project you expect.  We are your advocate throughout the entire process.