Adams County Courthouse Addition and Renovation I Friendship, WI

Following the completion of a master plan, Potter Lawson has continued to help Adams County prioritize their building projects with the design of an addition and renovation to their existing courthouse.  The roughly 25,000 square foot project (currently under construction) is a thoughtful integration of extensive remodeling as well as an addition for a new courtroom and court related support functions. This project is designed to support the current and future needs for the courthouse with a focus on improving safety and security for the public and staff. The design includes a single point of entry for security screening and controlled circulation paths.

Additionally, Potter Lawson is working on the next phase of design for a new Administration and Health & Human Services (HHS) facility for Adams County.  The new roughly 88,000 square foot building will house County offices for multiple departments as well as a central common conference center. Potter Lawson is also working on future plans for renovations & upgrades to the Adams County Sheriff’s Department and Jail.