American Family Dream Bank I Madison, Wisconsin

The Spark is a 9-story multi-tenant building on East Washington that houses Starting Block Madison, American Family Insurance’s DreamBank and The “Institute” (ie. Think Tank), and American Family staff offices. We were the architect for Community Spaces – which are spaces open to the public, or used by any Spark building tenants with each having a unique design and feel.

The relocated DreamBank on the first floor is a hub for business and personal growth and entrepreneurship, hosting many on-site public events. The space includes private event space and complimentary hospitality spaces for the public and tenants of The Spark Building.  From conference rooms and lounge seating, to a vibrant and active central kitchen, the main focus in the design of the space was positive energy and flexibility that supports collaboration.  Moveable partitions and flexible A/V has resulted in the DreamBank being a gem of the East Washing Corridor redevelopment.


2018 Daily Reporter Top Projects