Marathon County Long Range Master Plan I Wausau, Wisconsin

Potter Lawson was asked to review the County’s existing facilities, and develop a long range master plan. Phase I established the spatial needs of the county departments projected out to 2030. This was accomplished using Potter Lawson’s systematic approach to programing and space planning. The process began with circulating a customized questionnaire to staff and department heads to identify existing space and equipment needs, as well as departmental adjacency requirements. This was followed with one on one interviews for clarification of any issues identified. The end result of Phase I was a Space Needs Program document. Some of the issues identified during this phase were a need for an additional courtroom suite, a separate county board room and committee rooms, more jail beds, and space for the medical examiner.

Phase II noted the condition of the existing facilities, and gave various recommendations and assessments as to how the physical conditions could be improved. The end result was a Systems and Facility Analysis Report.

Phase III looked at various options and associated costs to re-organize court and sheriff functions together on the existing site in order to improve overall department efficiencies and security.