Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery Building – UW Madison Campus

The new Meat Science project is a 2-story modern teaching, research, and outreach facility with approximately 61,600 GSF (35,000 ASF) to support the meat industry of the State of Wisconsin. The mission of the program is (1) training the next generation of meat industry leaders with cutting edge insightfulness and technologies, (2) supporting innovative research interests through interdisciplinary collaborative efforts, and (3) providing outreach education to foster the production of wholesome meat products for the consuming public and the economic development of the meat industry.

One of a handful in the Country, the new laboratory will facilitate the development of modern meat processing and research through the inclusion of lab general-purpose benches for biochemical, chemical, and microbial studies, as well as more specialized rooms for microscopy, tissue culture, instrumentation and cold experiments. The project will also include a separate Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) suite, an abattoir, carcass chilling and cooling facilities, and a meat processing area with retail capabilities through Bucky’s Butchery, also located in the new facility.

The Meat Science program serves to teach and conduct research in the evolving subject of meat science, food safety and the humane treatment of agricultural animals, as well as economic aspects of the meat industry as the supplier of meat for human consumption. Discovery from research is expected to lead to new markets and new higher levels of economic value for agricultural animals. Currently, the primary economic value of agricultural animals raised for the food supply lies in the edible meat, but with evolving research and discovery, the future value may lie in cellular/molecular level non-edible parts of the animal.