Middleton Sunset Ridge Elementary School

This district was faced with a rapidly growing student population. The new elementary school replaced a small, aging country school and relieved overcrowded schools in the City of Middleton and the Village of Cross Plains. Public areas in the building are zoned to allow off-hours use while securing the classroom areas.

General classrooms are paired to encourage teaming with an operable wall between. Rooms are not labeled by grade level; instead, kindergarten and primary children are located on the lower level with intermediate children on the upper level. The two-story design was built into the sloping site, allowing direct access to grade for both floors.

The school also features an IMC which is networked to a computer teaching lab. A step room is located within the IMC. There are also three kindergarten rooms, a science lab, and a full-size gym. A multi-purpose room, which was designed as a cafeteria at noon, provides added flexibility.