1722 Monroe Apartments I Madison, Wisconsin

Recognizing that there is great demand for housing on and around Monroe Street Urban Land Interests approached Potter Lawson about the design of a new mixed use apartment development in this bustling corridor.  The finished project includes 68 apartment units, with a mix of one, two and three bedrooms.  It is attractive to residents in the neighborhood who wish to downsize, to growing  families looking to find a place in the neighborhood, and to older neighbors due to its transit and service rich location and the relative dearth of accessible residences in the area.  The project includes underground car and bike parking serving the residential uses at a minimum of one space per residence.

The goal of the project was to also restore neighborhood retailing to the block.  The project includes 4 distinct ground floor uses in 16,000 square feet, with each storefront entrance located at grade.  This project was designed in partnership with MoTiS.

“Urban Land Interests creates buildings of exceptional quality and believe in the economic benefits of great design.  Potter Lawson has been an excellent partner in creating buildings of lasting quality and enduring design.  We look forward to working with Potter Lawson on future projects.”