Exact Sciences Innovation Headquarters | Madison, Wisconsin

Exact Sciences is a molecular diagnostics company focused on colorectal cancer detection. Their ground-breaking technology in the Cologard tests has launched them into exponential growth over the past 4 years. Potter Lawson began working with Exact Sciences in 2014 while they were in research and development and moving through clinical trials. We have been honored to help them grow to more than 1,600 employees over the past four years through strategic programming, space planning and master planning.

Recently completed, the new corporate headquarters for Exact Sciences is a five-story, 140,000+ square foot building located in the University Research Park adjacent to it’s current research and development lab. The new headquarters is a chance to consolidate administration and executive staff who were divided among three buildings offering efficiencies in workflow, collaboration and space use. The design of the space is cohesive with the facility design standards developed by Potter Lawson and carried throughout their facilities in Madison.  Modern, fresh and high-design features include a rich blend of finishes, clean lines and thoughtful integration of acoustic and lighting solutions that elevate the user experience.  The end result is a showplace for workplace wellness, corporate strategy and collaboration with connections to nature and daylight.